Total Filings is here for you

Total Filings has come a long way to help you start your journey. Our experts have assisted new business owners create companies for decades but only recently have we been able to tackle this previously confusing process with the convenience and ease of the internet. Total Filings ensures you get the best of both worlds – decades of professional business formation experience coupled with the simplicity of forming your company from your own home. We believe professional document preparation assistance should be available to everyone and we work hard year after year to make this a reality.

We believe document preparation assistance should be available to everyone.

Additional Services

Most new businesses have a few logical “next steps” – which is why we provide these services to make getting started even easier!

DBA Registration

Expanding an established business? DBA Registration is the fastest way to start using a new brand or testing a new product.

Registered Agent

Your state may require a the use of an official Registered Agent in order to form a business. We have everything you need – all in one place.

Tax ID Number

Need to open a bank account in a hurry? Or maybe you’re hiring your first employee. An EIN (Federal Tax ID) Number is required in both cases.

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